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Introduction of the Library


I,  The Function of Library 


       HungKuo Delin University of Technology Library has been progressing with with the times. With the advanced progress in information technolog and knowledge economy, the library is very rich in its storage, ranging from the traditional paper materials to the advanced digital materials and internet service. Amidst this ever-changing society and the impact of highly diversified values, the library has been playing the role oh the center for research sources for students and faculty staff. Simultaneously, it has been offering multi-media recreational services.    

II. Cozy atmosphere


        In order to satisfy the needs of teaching and learning on the parts of the faculty and the students, the library has been dedicating to a comprehensive and efficient space program and the creation of a student-friendly learning environment.


        The first floor of the General Building: this area contains such divisions and exposition areas as the front desk service, the newly arrival, information retrieval, journals, newspaper, corner, studying rooms, and comic strip area. Amiable receptionists will help you solve all the problems. This is a good place for student to relax and enrich themselves.


        The second floor of the General Building: this area stores a rich collection of Chinese language books, outdated newspaper, maps, journals, etc. Varieties of novels, books on language-learning and travelling are student’s favorites. In cozy studying room, students enjoy their studying.


        The third floor of the General Building: this area contains a large quantity of audio-visual materials, movies on demand, and computers for students to use. Student can enjoy all these materials in groups in the spacious conference rooms.


        Stack Room: this stack room includes open-stack and intensive-stack areas, reference books, student thesis and faculty’s publications, journals, and bound periodicals. One hundred and fifty thousand books are very rich in their contents and are good sources for students to enrich their minds.


III. Abundant storage

        Our library owns varieties of books with the quantity of more than 150,000 copies. Also, 431 kinds of Chinese periodicals, 61 kinds of Western language periodicals and 5605 sets of audio-visual materials are in store. As for electronic and digital materials, the library has a rich storage of electronic books, periodicals, and data banks, with the quantity amounting to 47156, 4266, and 92 respectively. Moreover, we offer the service of “Movies on Demand” (MOD). 420 sets of films are offered for the purpose of teaching.    

IV. Well-equipped Library

        A large number of computers are offered inside the library for student and the faculty to search for the library’s storage, information worldwide, and to writer papers. Also, we provide coin Xerox and printing service for students to use.
        Furthermore, there are conference rooms for the purposes of education, seminar, student’s thesis presentation, and films appreciation. The multi-purposed and diversified equipments and space partitions are established to provide the faculty and students with a cozy and convenient environment, with the ultimate goal of doubling the effects of student’s learning and studying.
V. Multi-purposed and Diversified Services of Continuing Education
        Annually, our school library holds various kinds of activities to publicize our resources and services. Such activities as “guiding seminars for the freshmen,” “training programs,” “workshops on data bank,” “expositions of the newly arrivals,” “art and literary gallery,” and “monthly film festival” are held regularly. Residents of the neighborhood are also encouraged to participate in these activities.